5 Best Walker Trays: How to Easily Attach Them

If you or someone you know has limited mobility, you may experience the need for extra support when walking. A walker tray can be an incredibly useful tool in these situations. In fact, recent research has shown that one-third of adults over 65 rely on assistive devices, such as walker trays, to help them get around. These trays are designed to provide stability and convenience, making walking safer and more enjoyable.

For the more than four million Americans who rely on walkers for daily mobility, it’s no secret that walkers can be both a blessing and a curse. While walkers provide important support, they can also be a hindrance when navigating around furniture, tables, and other obstacles.

Fortunately, adding a walker tray can solve this problem by creating a handy surface to place items on. Walker trays, while compact, provide ample space for storing essential items such as medications, an iPad, a drink, and even food. With the Walker Tray, you can now enjoy your morning coffee while watching the sunrise from the comfort of your front porch or terrace without worrying about accidentally spilling it.

Investing in a walker tray can greatly improve the quality of life of those who depend on a walker for daily mobility.

What to Look for in a Walker Tray

Trays may sound similar, but choosing the right one for your needs requires careful consideration. It is important to assess your needs before selecting a tray that precisely fits those needs. This means finding a tray with specifications that meet your specific needs.

When searching for a walker tray, it’s important to keep a few key factors in mind to make sure you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Ease of Attachment

When searching for the right walker tray, it is important to consider how easy it is to attach and separate from your walker. If you need to remove the tray to wash time or make your walker lighter and less cumbersome, a tray that can be clashed on a walker is probably a better option than one that has been bolted.

While a bolt tray adds to stability and durability, it can be difficult to remove the tray when necessary. Additionally, it can provide little improvement in balance when slipping the walker on the floor. Ultimately, it is necessary to consider trading bands between ease of use and stability when choosing a tray that meets your requirements.

Easy to Clean

If you are using trays for dining or as a cup holder, you would like to choose a model that is easy to clean. Even if you are careful, spread, dust and other messes may end up on your walker tray.

A smooth surface with some edges and cracks is ideal for cleaning and cleansing the mess. However, a smooth surface can also mean more slippery, which may not be ideal if you use trays to support yourself.

If you have a walker with a seat and plan to use the tray for support, you can consider a texture or matte finish to reduce slipping. While a textured finish can be slightly more difficult to clean, it can provide additional grip and support when using trays for balance.

Finally, the choice between a smooth or textured finish depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you often use trays and do not object to spending extra time, a textured finish can be a better option. On the other hand, if easy cleaning is the highest priority, a smooth finish is a better option.


The weight of a walker tray cannot look like a major concern because they are usually made of plastic-like light materials, it is important to consider the overall weight of the walker when adding an attachment.

Every additional ounce can quickly add and easily affect your ability to maneuver the walker. Therefore, it is important to test the weight capacity of your walker before adding any enclosure.

One way to test the weight capacity of your walker is to slowly add weight to a small amount of weight and walk with the walker how it feels. If you find that the walker becomes too heavy or difficult to manage with the additional weight of a tray, you can consider a lighter tray or want to remove other unnecessary attachments.


When selecting a walker tray, it is important to assess your personal needs and determine which features are the most important to you. This will ensure that you choose a tray that is not only functional but also meets your specific requirements.

Consider your routine and habits to determine which factors are the most important for your walker tray. For example, if you often transport drinks or small items, a tray with a cup holder can be beneficial. If you use an iPad or other electronic devices, an iPad can be a tray helpful with a slot.

However, it is important to be realistic in your evaluation and avoid choosing a tray with characteristics that are unnecessary or take an unnecessary location. If you use an iPad only in bed, a tray with an iPad slot may not be necessary, and can potentially take a valuable tray location. Similarly, if you already have a specified cup holder, a tray with a built-in cup holder may not be necessary.

Best Walker Trays List

When it comes to finding the best walker tray for your needs, it is important to do your research. Start by checking customer reviews to get the quality and display ideas of different trays. You can also compare different tray features and specifications that meet your needs.

To help you start, we have done some research and found some best walker trays in the market. These trays have received positive reviews from customers and offered many features and benefits.

Lumex Walker Tray

The Lumax walker tray is a top-rated option that provides both strength and convenience. It can easily clip on your walker and catch many individual objects as you roam. With two cup holders, you can stay hydrated throughout the day. It is easy to install and use the fold-down mechanism. It measures 16 “x 12” and lifted the edges to prevent spread.

The Lumax walker tray is manufactured with durable materials, and when carrying heavy objects it provided long-lasting reliability and peace of mind. Whether you are on a daily walk or working, this tray is an excellent choice for any person, which requires a reliable way to transport objects with them. Its strong design ensures that it can withstand regular use, making it a meaningful investment for anyone in the need of a walker tray.

You can see customer reviews to see how satisfied other users are with this tray.

Drive Medical Universal Walker Tray

Drive Medical Universal Walker Tray is a versatile and convenient option for those who want to add more functionality to their walkers. With its easy tool-free installation, you can attach it to your walker and get access to your essential commodities such as books or medicines while walking. Its durable plastic construction ensures that it will not rust or slide over time, and the raised edges prevent your belongings from slipping.

In addition, the drive medical universal walker tray has two cups of holders, a useful feature for those who want to handle their drinks. This is designed to fit most standard walkers and can be used in various settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and at home. Its mild design makes it easy to transport, and the strong construction of the tray provides reliability and peace of mind.

NOVA Medical Products Walker Tray

The Nova Medical Products Walker Tray provides a unique and practical solution for those who want to be organized and they need everything within access when using their walker. It is equipped with four cup holders, which provides enough space to keep drinks or snacks, while its large flat surface can accommodate books, laptops, or other individual items.

The adjustable height feature of the tray allows for adaptation according to individual requirements, ensuring optimal comfort during use. It also has built-in handle slots that make it easy and free from trouble.

This strong walker tray is finalized with a durable construction, which guarantees longevity and reliable performance. Its light design makes it easy to transport and install, and its compatibility with most standard walkers makes it a versatile and practical option for users at hospitals, nursing homes, and homes. Overall, the Nova Medical Products Walker Tray is an excellent investment for someone to simplify their daily routine and improve their dynamics.

Support Plus Walker Tray

Support Plus Walker Tray is an excellent option for those looking for a convenient and easy-to-eastern tray. It has a highly adjustable design that can fit most standard walkers and can be secured using two straps. Made of light plastic, this tray will not put too much weight on your existing walker. Its large surface area makes it perfect to carry all the items that you need when you are out and about it. In addition, the tray has four slots in the corners so that you can attach additional equipment, such as cup holders or baskets such as additional equipment or hardware requirement.

Another great feature of this accessory is its removable cover, which allows you to keep things clean when not in use and cleanses after meals. The straps have been tested to keep up to 100 pounds, so you do not have to worry about Mount’s safety. Overall, the support plus walker tray is an excellent choice for anyone requiring additional space and convenience during its daily activities.

Vive Walker Tray

The Vive walker tray is an accessory for those who use a walker and require additional storage space. This product is both mild and strong, which makes it easier to use and transport. It has adjustable straps that can be safely attached to your walker and ergonomic grips that provide additional comfort when it is carried.

What makes this tray makes is its versatility. Large surface areas can catch many items from snacks to medicine. The tray also has two cups of holders, so you can stay hydrated while walking. Despite its many characteristics, the Vivek Walker Trad is inexpensive, making it an excellent value for anyone to see to improve his daily life.

Overall, this tray is an excellent choice for any person that needs to carry the item when using a walker. Its durability and practicality make it a top option for many people. So if you want to add convenience and comfort to your routine, then the Vive walker tray is definitely worth considering!

How to Attach Your Walker Tray

In the past, attaching the tray to walkers was often a complex and difficult process. But now new models are very simple to install, usually characterized by mechanisms that allow for easy placements on top of the walker. With most models, the tray will have an inclination function, and you should install it in a closed position.

Start by attaching the clip that removes two legs behind the walker, ensuring that cup holders or slots are getting away from you.

Once the tray is closed, take it to an honest position, and check that it is safely attached to try to move it up and down.

Many tray models have a click function and a small slot, which is to attach the tray firmly to the desired position. If you face any resistance when you try to accommodate the situation, it is normal.

How to Keep Your Walker Tray Clean?

To keep your walker tray clean, you can follow some simple steps.

  • First, remove any debris or dirt that can accumulate on the surface using a vacuum or brush.
  • Then, use a disinfectant spray and a clean fabric to wipe the tray well, and ensure that all areas are covered.
  • Leave the disinfectant for a few minutes before wiping it with a clean, moist cloth.

For more intense cleaning, it is recommended to remove the tray from the walker and wash it with warm, soap water. Ensure that the tray is not damaged by water or cleaning solution to ensure the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, it is a good idea to clean the tray regularly, perhaps once a week or every other week, to maintain a clean surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a walker tray fit on any type of walker?

Certainly, you can add a tray to your walker to make it more functional. To find the right tray, take the exact measurement of your walker and find out various models available online or in a special store. With the right tray attachment, your walker can become a valuable tool to help you in your daily tasks.

How do I attach a walker tray to my walker?

Steps to attach a walker tray:
Make sure the tray fits properly on the walker.
According to the manufacturer’s instructions, collect and fasten any growing hardware or brackets.
Test the tray by placing some items on it and gently pushing it down to ensure that it feels safe and stable.
To maintain your strength, inspect the walker tray from time to time for wear and tears.
By following these steps, you can attach your walker tray safely and safely, improve your mobility and make it easier to carry objects. Don’t forget to keep it clean and safe for daily use!

Can a walker tray be adjusted to different heights?

Fortunately, many walker tray models come with features such as straps, binoculars legs, and removable parts to help users customize their tray height. By allowing users to adjust the height, these trays provide maximum comfort and purpose for people of all sizes and dynamics levels. With an adjustable walker tray, anyone can take the item safely and comfortably when using their walker.

Can I use a walker tray for carrying drinks and food?

Yes, you can, but it is necessary to be careful with spilled foods and drinks that can fall. Instead, it’s better to opt for dry foods to carry on your tray. If you need to carry liquids, use deep pots or a thermos to prevent spillage. By following these precautions, you can safely and easily transport your food using your walker tray.

Wrapping Up

Walker trays are a valuable addition to any walker, providing stability and convenience for everyday tasks. Although they can be expensive, the benefits they provide make them well worth the investment.

Our recommended trays are adjustable for different walker types and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for each user. Plus, they come with easy-to-attach brackets that guarantee maximum safety and security during use.

By following the instructions included with each tray, users can enjoy newfound freedom and ease. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why investing in a top-rated walker tray is a good idea.

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